So…Is This Just Another Vegan Blog?

This might be the question that comes to mind when stumbling across my blog.  The answer is yes. And no. Yes because I, Iris (aka Keenoahmom) am in fact living a more or less vegan lifestyle, and no, because the other members of my family are not. Yup, that’s right. I don’t consume animal products, but I do prepare them for the carnivores of the family (two little ones and a grown up one, all male).

 I don’t consume animal products, but I do prepare them for the carnivores of the family. 

So why this blog, you ask. Well, here’s the thing: in a picture perfect world, my entire family would enjoy a vegan meal together, right after my husband (who would never complain about the amount of money I spend on health food and vegan cosmetics, of course) and I come home from the gym, preferably dressed in matching workout gear reading “Power Couple”.

Reality is, however, that I am the only one who likes to hit the mat, and probably also the only member of the family who knows that “Keenoah”, although spelled differently, is not just the names of our boys combined to make up a word. I enjoy trying vegan recipes for myself, but I almost never have time to focus on planning and preparing the time-consuming, beautiful vegan dishes that I find all over the internet. The reason lies at hand … the three meat eaters I live with would either go hungry or move in with the neighbor. Since I’d like them to stick around, regardless of the different views we have when it comes to eating habits or lifestyle, I’d much rather find solutions that make us all happy (you’re welcome, neighbor).

 So I decided to start this blog, to share a bit about my life in a family where not everybody is on the same page, and write about ways I find to meet everyone’s needs and wants without neglecting my own. Be it cooking simple yet delicious vegan dishes that are easily prepared while cooking for the meat-eating family members, workout and fitness tips that I find to be helpful while on a vegan diet, or simply a survival guide for Moms that feel outnumbered. Because, let’s be real … most families are anything but picture perfect.


7 thoughts on “So…Is This Just Another Vegan Blog?

  1. Loving your first post! You’re going to come up against a few militant vegans in the future (some that will tell you that you’re not vegan unless your divorce your omni husband haha!)… But don’t let it bother you. You’re doing the right thing for you and it sounds mega! Looking forward to your next post 💚

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  2. Sophie

    I really enjoyed reading this! I’m in the same boat as you – while I don’t have children, I do live with my meat-eating boyfriend and so we are always having to cook for two very different eating habits every mealtime. Looking forward to hearing any tips or recipes you have for the situation!
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

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