Olaplex And DevaCurl…Trying To Save My Hair, The Vegan Way.

If you are like me, you probably have dyed and colored your hair quite a bit over the the years. In the 90’s, I wanted tight curls, so a perm it was (yes, I had a perm – it was super trendy back then), and in the more recent years the flatiron took over, in order to get that sleek, straight look. Needless to say that all of that had an effect on my naturally wavy hair and, adding the factor of age, my hair started breaking badly recently, leaving me with frizzy looking hair that can’t decide if it’s supposed to be wavy or straight.

I was facing two options: cut it all off and let it grow back healthy, or stop using so much heat and try to repair the hair as much as possible. Cutting it short was not an option, so I started looking for cruelty free products to nurse my lifeless locks back to health.

I learned about a treatment called Olaplex. You can read about how it works here. I was stoked to find out that is cruelty free, as explained in this blog post, and looked for a salon near me to book an appointment. I completed the first two steps in the salon and purchased the step 3 home treatment for weekly use. I left the salon with super soft, shiny hair. So the first step was done, yay!

Now on to the most challenging part: stylingMy hair is very thick and wavy, and the only way to get it to look good in the past was styling it with–you guessed it–some kind of heat. If left alone and air dried, I’d look like this guy:


While it might look cute on him, it wasn’t quite my idea of hair goals. So I needed to find a way to fight the frizz, which didn’t include a blow dryer, straightener, or curling iron. I stumbled across the DevaCurl products. While mainly for curly hair, they do have a series for naturally wavy hair called “Bombshell Waves“. I found a kit at the local Military Exchange, which includes the Low-Poo shampoo, One Condition Delight conditioner, Wave Maker texturizing mousse, and Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam. All cruelty free!20170712_174952

The products smell of heavenly Lotus, Passion Flower, and Citrus blends, and after just one use I was sold. I gently towel dried my hair after washing it, applied the products as recommended, and let it air dry. It left me with soft, beach-wave like hair that smelled delicious.


I’ll definitely keep using the products while continuing the Olaplex treatment at home. If you are in need of cruelty free hair savers, these products definitely are worth every penny. 




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