Hi and welcome to my blog!



My name is Iris (aka Keenoahmom) and I was born and raised in Germany. I am married to Josh (aka Keenoahdad) who’s American, and after living in Hawaii and Mississippi, we are now located in Wiesbaden, Germany. I am a nurse and currently taking College classes to obtain my degree in medical coding and billing.



Our sons Noah (11 years old) and Keegan (7 years old) complete our family and inspire us to be better people every day. As you probably figured, they are the ones responsible for the name of the blog.



I’m the only vegan in a family of carnivores and that can be tough at times. I try to lead by example and provide my children with all the information and knowledge they need, in order to make good decisions for themselves as they grow. I don’t believe in pushing my opinion on anybody, but rather like to educate and show people that it is not complicated to lead a vegan lifestyle, even in a family of carnivores. So I started this blog to share a bit about my life in a family where not everybody is on the same page, and write about ways I find to meet everyone’s needs and wants without neglecting my own.