I’m Losing My Min(ecraft)d!

I’m starting this post with a fragment of a typical dinner conversation at our house.

Noah (11): “Dad, guess what I built today?”

Me: “You built something, how neat! In art class?” (being ignored)

Keegan (7): “I know, I know! Another room for your fort!”

Keenoahdad: “What?”

Me: “How was school boys?” (being ignored)

Noah: “No, dummy.”

Keenoahdad: “Don’t call your brother that, Noah!”

Me: “No name calling boys! So, how was school?” (being ignored)

Noah: “A pickaxe!”

Keegan: “I’m not a dummy!” (cries)

Me: “Please apologize, Noah!” (being ignored)

Keenoahdad: “Who’s up for a round of Minecraft after dinner?”

Me: “Joshua!” (being ignored)

Kids in sync: “Me!” Read More